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I have had this blog since 2012 and that’s a long time. Unfortunately I have not kept it as up to date as I would like. Life and stuff seems to get in the way. When I think back, a tremendous amount of things have happened in my life since 2012, some wonderful and some heartbreaking.  I’ve lost loved ones, rejoiced over new grandbabies, and moved back and forth across the country several times. I feel another big life shift coming my way, which seems to draw me back to the keyboard and back to writing about those experiences.

Recently I have been thinking about the masks people wear and why they put them on.  I have had the misfortune to work with some people who pretend to be one thing, hiding behind their masked wearing selves imagining that, that is their authentic self. In reality what lies behind the mask is dark, angry, afraid, and desperately trying to pretend they are something they are not.

Maya Angelo once said,

“When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”

I believe that what lies beneath these folks masks are their authentic selves and this time; the first time, I see you and I have no room for you in my life.

As I was petting my beloved Elj one day I thought about how animals do not seem to wear masks or pretend to be something other than who they really are. Later I ran onto an article that had some amazing artwork by Sandra Dieckmann. I do not know Sandra but her artwork spoke to what I was thinking and feeling so much so that I decided to recreate a set for myself using a new media I had been playing with, wood burning. I drew her images on wood, burned them, and then applied watercolor. I have to say I love them and they were fun to create (they are not for sale as I did not create the originals). I will share them with you (sorry not the best photos) I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been enjoying them.

If you are wearing a mask ask yourself why? If the answer is because you feel different or weird and you are afraid that the world will judge you – I say rip the mask off and let your true self shine, if someone doesn’t like you tell them to frack off because you don’t need that in your life. If you are wearing a mask to hide who you really are because at your core you are mean and cruel don’t fool yourself we see you



Till next time craft on.

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No where to go but up

It has been almost a year since I created a post. Much has happened since then but I won’t bore you with all the details. I hope to begin posting on a fairly regular basis as I am trying to get my side hustle, if you don’t know what that is follow the link, up and running.

I have been doing some mixed media and some watercolor painting recently; I hope to list things in my Etsy site soon or to create and online store. I am also working on a line of children’s clothing inspired by my three – yes three grand-daughters.

Here are a few photos of what I have been up to:

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Lettering & drawing

I dislike my hand lettering in this piece it was supposed to be freestyle calligraphy but my strokes were too hesitant which is clearly seen in the lettering. But I do love my butterfly.


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More hand lettering.



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hand lettering

Working on hand lettering this one is called donut. Drawn with pencil, outlined in black ink, colored in with water color pencil, and finally blended with water.

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new project

new project in the works – nearing completion actually

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weird art

I can not remember when I last wrote a post. I could look but why scold myself? instead I am choosing to move forward. I have moved into a new apartment and therefore have all the things I brought with me to Colorado so I can sew and create again. I moved in here April 15, I think, I can not really remember. Summer is a busy time for me I have spent two weeks at Rainbow Trail, one week hosting VBS, and seven days on a mission trip to Wind River WY. Might not sound like much but those are long days; I am usually up around 6:30am and not to bed till 11:30pm/12am all while corralling packs of children. Now I am preparing for fall programing and a visit with Dave.

Since I have moved I have finished some mixed media projects two that were gifts to some special woman who helped me through tough times, others that are more practice than art as I am just finding my way with mixed media.

The first project I finished was for the woman who has taken care of Elj for me during my many travels since January. I am still not sure how I feel about it. I sometimes feel like it is reminiscent of the art work that Febe from Friends made see below.


Here are some photos of my piece:

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So you be the judge Febe type art or okay piece tailored for a specific person.

Since this post has taken way more time than I thought it would, this is what happens when you are out of practice, I will sign off for today.

Till next time craft on!

Till next time craft on!

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