putting up corn

Many years ago my friend Francene and I froze corn for the first time in our lives. Francene went early to her families field and had them fill the trunk of her Chevy with ears of corn; when I arrived at her house with my daughter in tow, who was around two at the time, the work began. We thought we would have it all done in no time – ha that was a laugh. I think we finally finished around midnight mind you we started fairly early in the morning. We prepared the corn the old fashion way, we shucked it, boiled it for two minutes, put it in a cold bath, cut it off the cob and put it in freezer bags. This was a very long process one that I have used since then but never with a whole trunk full of corn. We did however appreciate the fresh off the cob corn come January and it is one of those things you never forget – ah the memories.

Anyhow it is corn time here so tonight I picked up two dozen ears on my way home and put them up for January. I use a new process now, one that I find much easier. You shuck the corn then cut it off the cob put it in a large pot add butter and heat till the butter is melted and the corn is warm and presto you are done all that’s left is putting it in the bags and popping them in the freezer. Well there might be a little bit more to it – I prefer to cut my bags so that they are large enough to reseal – why because I have found that trying to vacuum seal the bag without freezing them first is a big hassle and makes quite the mess. So thanks to my friend Cher who told me that things with liquid in them or things like banana bread, Sarah and Josh do you remember the very flat bread I sent you one year?, vacuum seal easier if you freeze them first. It is a hassle to go back and reseal after your food is frozen but you end up with a much better product in the end.  And now the photo’s – enjoy.

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About craftycosmo

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and crafter extraordinaire. I love to knit, crochet, sew, quilt, spin and cook. Living life one day at a time.
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