beauty and the beast

We live in the country because we love the beauty that surrounds us, the animals, nature and beautiful sunsets.

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While we somewhat knew what we were getting into when we moved next to a steer farmer we were not prepared for the harsh reality. It’s bad enough that the poor animals are treated so terrible but now the farmer has add a second grain dryer to his property. This new dryer is less than 100 yards away from our property and makes tremendous noise – I can hear the noise EVERYWHERE in my house and in my studio – which is destroying one of the other reasons I love living in the country – the peace and quiet. This is what we are being forced to put up with:

Besides the noise the farmer installed a huge light that shines so brightly you can’t see the stars. (to be fair he does not leave the light on all the time) And the dryer produces a pink corn dust that is EVERYWHERE! Our yard is pink, our house is pink, my car is pink. I’ve had to wash my car three times a week for the last three weeks as I am afraid that the pink dust will destroy the finish. (these are mild photos compared to how it looks sometimes)

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The constant noise sets everyone on edge – our white dogs have been fighting more and the chickens are laying less. Now I am not a farmer but as a dog owner I know that there are ordinances against their barking and I have to wonder what are my rights as a resident? Is there any protection for us against this constant noise and corn dust pollution?

Trying to think happy thoughts 😉 – till next time craft on!

About craftycosmo

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and crafter extraordinaire. I love to knit, crochet, sew, quilt, spin and cook. Living life one day at a time.
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