weekend projects

Last weekend I had three days to finish unpacking and to finish organizing things. My place is similar to a shot-gun house so when you enter the back door you enter into a hallway that connects the front and back of the place. My parking spot is also located near the back door so I enter and exit the back door anytime I am leaving or returning with my car. However the coat closet is located at the other end of the hallway so I needed something near the back door to set things down when I enter. I also wanted something/some place to put my hats – you have to have hats in Denver or the sun will fry you! Anyhow this is what I came up with; I purchased the table at a used furniture store for $20, the hat rack is made from a pallet so it was free. The black baskets I purchased at the Goodwill for .99 cents each, I think they are bicycle baskets. I purchase the spray paint at Home Depot for around $2.50 a can which brings the total cost of the project to approximately $25.00 – not bad if I say so myself! The baskets hold my summer scarves, umbrella, dog leash, dog poo bags, sun tan lotion etc – things that are necessary as you head outside. Originally I was going to make some clothe baskets that would sit on the floor to hold these things but when I saw the baskets I changed my mind – less on the floor makes it easier to keep the house clean! Anyhow here is the finished project:

Other projects last weekend included recovering the stools that I use at the kitchen island:

and a decoupage top for one of my storage racks – sorry I didn’t take a picture when it was finished and now it’s covered with my notebook collection – which is a whole other story:


lastley here is a shot of the desk area that I finally had time to organize:

Till next time craft on!

About craftycosmo

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and crafter extraordinaire. I love to knit, crochet, sew, quilt, spin and cook. Living life one day at a time.
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