Home? #photo101



I don’t know what home is any more, if I ever did, in the last seven years we have moved seven times. To make matters worse we stand on the brink of having to move again in fact three more times!

Two within the next month and once again in the spring/summer. See this spring I moved to Colorado to be with my children and grandchildren. My husband stayed behind in WI to sell our home and to wait and see if his company was expanding to Colorado as rumor has it. Hopefully our home in WI is sold we are working with the buyers to try and get things settled. They however are new buyers trying to purchase a 200 year old farm house – their expectations of such a home are proving to be unrealistic so not sure this closing is going to go through.

If it does go through my husband will have to move somewhere locally, in MN or WI, till next spring when he plans on moving to Colorado.

As for me I’m not sure moving to Colorado was the right thing to do. I miss my home, I miss my friends, I miss both of my previous jobs. I was a campus minister and the minister of a tiny little church in WI.

I am currently working for a large church in Colorado and I’m not sure it’s a good fit. I have been so busy working and helping my kids that I haven’t had time to make new friends.

So why the picture of the prairie dogs representing home? Because they live in what I call the great divide a small patch of land between some of the wealthiest people in this area and some of the poorest people in the area.

These poor animals are caught in the middle, they struggle to keep their homes as development keeps encroaching upon their domain. As the wealthy continue to over run them, they are trying to hold on to this little patch of land that divides the have’s and the have not’s. Once these sweet little creatures are over come it will be the poor next. Their homes will be torn down for the mcmansions that surround us and they too will be displaced.

Home? I don’t know what that is anymore, my husband and I have made some bad decisions, trusted people we shouldn’t have, and we’ve made deals with people who backed out and left us stuck with the mess. It has cost us financially and emotionally and I feel like these prairie dogs continually digging a hole trying to find a place called home.


About craftycosmo

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and crafter extraordinaire. I love to knit, crochet, sew, quilt, spin and cook. Living life one day at a time.
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