1st Farmers market of the summer 

Early evening walk to farmers market.

Dinner made from trip-sautéed potatoes, onions, and hot peppers with leftover chicken, market salsa and a little shredded cheese. Yum!

Till next time craft on!

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Writing 101 Day 16 lost and found

Today’s assignment: write about finding something, about lost and found, connecting it to day four as this is the third part of that series.

Last Sunday was just another Sunday, the usual things took place, fighting to get my ass out of bed so early in the morning, getting to church making sure all the teachers were there, that the nursery staff was there and had what they needed, finding students I needed to check in with, the usual.

I joined the adult ed class about half way through to listen to the discussion as several weeks ago all the confirmation students who handed in sermon notes on that Sunday’s sermon had the same question, “why is it better to die”? Needless to say this sort of freaked me out so I asked the Pastor what he had preached, as I was in Minnesota with Francene that Sunday. After reading his sermon and looking at the text, Mark 8:31-38, which talks about loosing ones life I thought it would be a good idea for the Pastor to talk with the students.

By the end of the discussion it seemed like they understood that “loosing one’s life” was not about dying and definitely not about taking your own life but about not being so caught up in yourself, your own life, that you forget to love God and love your neighbor.

Death, dying and loss have been so prevalent in my world lately I can’t seem to shake it off.  Anyhow I went back to my office to meet with some folks about a new project I had asked them to take on which involves some video taping. I found the camera but couldn’t find the cord.

While searching through my desk I opened a drawer moved some papers around and found a card, a card from Francene. It was like time stood still. It was like tunnel vision or an out of body experience. I could see my hand reaching for the card, I picked it up and a picture of Cassie fluttered to the floor. I briefly opened the card saw her hand writing, dropped it back in the drawer and slammed it shut.

I had found something that I didn’t even know was lost. But it was too soon. The pain is still too raw. In time I know that I will cherish that card, it was the last she had sent me, it means so much to me but right now looking at it, holding it shattered my heart.

For now the card is tucked safely in my drawer, lost no more. Sometimes I just place my hand on the outside of the drawer and I can feel her presences, forever in my heart, my dearest friend I miss you so.

a good book and a quiet space

my office

Till next time craft on!

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writing 101 Day 15

Today’s prompt: think about and event you attended and loved, writing in your own voice tell us how you would feel if it was cancelled.

I love going to Shepherds Harvest in Minnesota. The event is held every year on Mother’s Day weekend. Mostly I have loved going because it involves many of the things I love, my friends, yarn and new patterns, fleece, spinning wheels, spinning fiber, and fiber animals.

I met the folks who raised my angora goats at Shepherds Harvest and one year brought home two llamas. I loved how even though it could be sunny and warm outside when you stepped into the pole sheds it would be chilly and slightly damp after the long winter making you want to curl up in all that fiber.

I loved running my fingers through the array of soft choices, rubbing them against my cheek and smelling them with people who knew why you were doing that and didn’t give you any funny looks for doing so.

I loved walking in the animal barns seeing all the babies and their momma’s dreaming about what kind of animals I could add to my mixture.

I will miss Shepherds Harvest for all of the above reasons, it makes me sad to think that I can no longer enjoy that experience, but mostly it makes me miss my friends and the dream that I had for our hobby farm.  Good bye Shepherds Harvest you will be missed.

Till next time craft on!

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Writing 101 Day 14

Today’s prompt: write a letter to the first word you see on page 29 of the book nearest to you.

Dear Raindrops,

Oh how I miss you. Living in Colorado we don’t get to see many of you and when we do you’re just not the same as you are in the midwest. In the midwest you come in all forms and during the summer you generally bring lightening and thunder. I grew up watching the lightening and counting the seconds between it and the thunder to discover how far off your storm was.

Now I see you only occasionally even though we need you desperately. I rarely see your friends lightening and thunder of whom I miss the most. There is nothing like snuggling  up in bed watching and listening to to good thunderstorm; raindrops oh how I miss you.



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Writing 101 – day 13 Serially Found

Today’s prompt: tell us about a time you found something loosely connected to day four.

F#*&k Cancer. Last March I started having pains in my lower back that I attributed to shoveling snow. But they didn’t go away. When the pain started to grow worse, with my history, I decided to go to the doctor to have it checked out. Two ultra sounds, one surgery & hospital stay, many phone calls and one visit to an GYN oncologist later, I found out I had ovarian cancer or pre-cancer whatever you want to call it. The cancer was in the very earliest of stages and it was removed during surgery.

I was very lucky as ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest because it isn’t usually found until it has spread. Knowing my body helped. Trusting my instincts helped. Being persistent with the doctors helped. Future treatments require six month checkups and a CA125 blood test every six months.

It’s been one year and both my six month and one year check ups have been good and my CA125 result was 3 both times.

I don’t know why some people get cancer and die or why some people get cancer and live but I promise to do my best to live each day to it’s fullest, to love every gray hair and wrinkle I am privileged to get in honor of loosing my best and dearest friend to this horrible disease.

Till next time craft on!

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Writing 101 day 11

Today’s prompt: where did you live when you were 12 years old – twist- vary sentence size to create interest.

The summer of my 12th year we moved to Farrington Street in St. Paul Mn. It was a very Catholic neighborhood with strict rules about family and what constituted a proper “family”. Of course my family did not align with those rules. The GH (see previous post if you don’t know what that stands for) was divorced and she worked outside of the home. When the GH wasn’t working she was playing bingo so we kids, my older sister and younger brother, took care of ourselves which was not proper in the eyes of our very traditional neighbors.

The house itself was infested with mice. I would lie awake at night and listen to them running through the walls, scratching the wood, and fighting with each other. It really freaked me out. I was afraid they would crawl up into my bed if I fell asleep so I spent many restless nights listening to their nightly activities.

We had an old apple tree in our yard under which our clothes line stretched out. We were lucky to have a wash machine but never a dryer. During the winter our clothes dried on lines in the basement. During the summer they were hung on the lines under that old tree. I hated hanging the laundry outside as that old tree produced quite a bit of fruit that attracted many a bee. I got my first bee sting hanging laundry; bee flew up my pants leg and stung me. Fun thing, my best friend, got her first bee sting that same day as we lay on the steps outside the high school watching the clouds go by.

We lived in that house for about six years. The longest we had ever lived in one place. I have many memories, both good and bad, attached to that old place. I made my first best friend while living there, my first dog, Ralph, died there poisoned by the mouse poison the GH put out to try and get rid of the mice. The memories go on and on . . .


Till next time craft on!

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Writing 101 – Day Ten favorite childhood meal

Okay so it’s been a busy week I was at a camp in the mountains with spotty internet, then I  went to the theater and had to catch up on work stuff. I will be working backwards to catch up.

Day Ten favorite childhood meal

Well, fuck, I have no favorite childhood meal because I can’t really remember any childhood meal. My mother was/is a bitch who hated/hates me. In fact I don’t consider her to be my mother she was and is the gestational host or the GH for short with whom I’ve had no contact with for something like 25 years. The twist on today’s assignment was to write in your own distinct voice and today this is it – I’m sad, angry and annoyed. Don’t like it? go fuck yourself.

Till next time craft on!

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